Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hemphill County

Lesser Prairie Chicken

     In addition, I saw two Say's phoebes nesting somewhere on the house, the Arrington Bed and Breakfast, flying back and forth until we stood on the porch. We sat outside with Robert Ridgley, listening to the songs of meadowlarks and sparrows. 

      Update, April 14th, 2016. I returned to Dick Wilberforce's blind on the Anderson Ranch with a wonderful photographer, Nopadol Paothong. The day was cloudy with winds blowing at least twenty knots. Click this link to view my post of that day.
      In addition to the Lesser Prairie Chickens, I spotted cowbirds (5), Northern Harrier (1), Eastern Meadowlark (1), and Horned Lark (3), Mourning Dove (1), one Redwinged blackbird, and heard two Bobwhite Quail. From the car as we returned to the hotel, I saw sparrows, Scissortails (2) Red-tailed Hawks (4), Northern Shrikes (2), and Turkey Vultures.

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